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Quarterman Dates

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   January 6
   In 3 B.C.: Twelfth Night, The Three Wise Men, Kings, or Magi,
   traditionally named Gaspar, Melchior and Balthazar, and representing
   Europe, Asia and Africa, bring gifts to the baby Jesus, twelve nights
   after the birth. Traditionally the night is called Twelfth Night and
   the day is Epiphany.
   In 1871: Dis- mem- ber- ment of Midway Church [end],
   In 1871: Dorchester, Ga. church org.; Dissolution of Midway Church
   In 1877: Crazy Horse surr., Source: ToW
   In 1877: Sioux/Cheyenne- American War [end], Source: ToW
   In 1912: NM,
   In 2001: , planet conjunction 2000, 5 May First time in 6000 years.
   Unfortunately, all the big planets are on the far side of the sun, and
   the small planets (Venus and Mercury) will be invisible in front of
   the sun.
   In 2001: , Persian Gulf nations double their oil prices 1973, 23


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