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Quarterman Dates

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   December 31
   In 1460: Battle of Wakefield,
   In 1460: Battle of Wakefield,
   In 1775: Battle of Quebec,
   In 1805: End of French Republican calendar,
   In 1857: Queen Victoria chose Ottawa as new capital of Canada,
   In 1862: Merrimac sinks Monitor, Union ironclad ship "Monitor" sank at
   Cape Hatteras NC.
   In 1862: WV, US President Lincoln signs an act admitting West Virginia
   to the Union.
   In 1881: Rev. Barrows resigns,
   In 1890: Ellis Island, opens as a US immigration depot.
   In 1946: end of WW II, US President Harry S. Truman officially
   In 1961: Marshall Plan expires, after distributing more than $12
   billion As the war-torn nations of Europe faced famine and economic
   crisis in the wake of World War II, the United States proposed to
   rebuild the continent in the interest of political stability and a
   healthy world economy. On June 5, 1947, in a commencement address at
   Harvard University, Secretary of State George C. Marshall first called
   for American assistance in restoring the economic infrastructure of
   Europe. Western Europe responded favourably, and the Truman
   administration proposed legislation. The resulting Economic
   Cooperation Act of 1948 restored European agricultural and industrial
   productivity. Credited with preventing famine and political chaos, the
   plan later earned General Marshall a Nobel Peace Prize. The plan was
   an unprecedented act of generosity that should never be forgotten.
   In 1974: gold legal, US citizens allowed to buy & own gold for 1st
   time in 40 years.


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