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Quarterman Dates

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   December 20
   In 1695: Settlers arrive in South Carolina., from Dorchester, Mass. ``
   `They kept a day of prayer on board safely landed at Carolina December
   20th. The other vessels [leaving Boston at the same time] had a
   month's passage; this but about 14 days.' '' - church records, quoted
   by Stacy in his History. Source: Stacy-H
   In 1699: Alexander Campbell hanged, for mutiny.
   In 1803: Louisiana Purchase, was transferred from France to US.
   In 1860: S.C. secedes, Source: ToW
   In 1860: SC secedes, South Carolina becomes 1st state to secede from
   In 1864: Sherman marches, Union Gen. Sherman continued his `march to
   the sea.' Savannah Ga
   In 1944: Battle of Bastogne, Nazis surrounded 101st Airborne (NUTS!).


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