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Quarterman Dates

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   [1]Tomorrow:  December 10.
   In 1898: Treaty of Paris, Spanish-American War ends. US acquires Guam
   from Spain. Source: ToW
   In 1898: Cuban War of Independence [end], Source: ToW
   In 1817: Mississippi becomes 20th state,
   In 1817: MS,
   In 1695: Friendship furls mainsail, `` `So we continued till Tuesday
   night, and about midnight the wind was risen so high that the vessel
   was like to have sunk by reason that the small sail was enough then to
   run her under water, and had like to have done it; but the seamen made
   way for the vessel to rise by furling the main sail and bearing it
   before the wind.' '' - Elder Pratt's Diary, quoted by Stacy in his
   History. Source: Stacy-H
   In 1520: Martin Luther refuses to recant, publicly burned papal edict
   demanding that he recant


   1. http://www.quarterman.org/q/timeline.html
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