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Quarterman Dates

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   [1]Quarterman Dates:  September 20.
   In 1863: B. Chickamauga Creek, Bragg def. Rosecrans Source: ToW
   In 1791: Rev. Holmes resigns, Rev. Abiel Holmes writes from New Haven,
   Conn. to say that he has resigned and been released from his duties by
   the same group that ordained him. Source: Stacy-R
   In 1700: Pinkerton released, from prison in Seville with three other
   In 1066: Battle of Fulford Gate, Harald Hardraada, [2]defeats English.
   Harold Godwinson heads north from London.
   [3]Tomorrow:  September 22.
   In 1792: Republican Era, Declaration of the French Republic
   In 1699: Mackay returns, Daniel Mackay leaves Edinburgh for the Clyde
   to join the second expedition. There have been rumours of the
   desertion of the Colony which he denies as ridiculous.


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