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Quarterman Dates

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   [1]Quarterman Dates:  September 15.
   In 1785: Rev. Abiel Holmes ordained, ``Mr. Holmes having signified his
   acceptance of the call, in August following (1784) commenced preaching
   among them, and being only a licentiate, in the following year,
   September 15, 1785, was, upon the request of the church, ordained in
   the chapel at Yale College, Rev. Levi Hart preaching the ordination
   sermon, from Galatians I:10, Rev. Dr. Ezra Stiles offering the
   ordaining prayer, Rev. Dr. Williams giving the charge, and Rev. Warham
   Williams the right hand of fellowship.'' - Stacy in his History.
   Source: Stacy-H
   In 1680: Rev. Flint d.,
   In 1066: Hardraada burns Scarborough, on first arriving in England.
   [2]Tomorrow:  September 18.
   In 1964: Elsie Quarterman visits Chalgrove, .


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