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Children of Pride

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Digging around on the web, I ran across a couple of things about
the Myers book, The Children of Pride, that I didn't know, as
now reflected in the references to this updated web page:

  Myers, The Children of Pride

     He beholdeth all high things:
     he is a king over all the children of pride.
     - Job 41:34

   The other traditional basic book about the Midway Society is The
   Children of Pride: A True Story of Georgia and the Civil War, edited
   by Robert Manson Myers, published 1972 by Yale University Press. It
   consists of letters written by various relatives before and through
   the unpleasantness of the middle 19th century.

   The original edition is a huge hardback, running to some 2,000 large
   format pages, and including an extensive Who's Who in the back. It's
   hard to find now, and goes for about $70 when you can locate a copy.

   There is a smaller paperback abridged edition covering basically just
   the war years, which is readily available from the Midway Museum and
   other places; they refer to it as the best publicity they ever had. It
   is available directly from [1]Yale University Press.

   It seems that Myers has written a play cycle drawn from this book:
   [2]Quintet: A Five-Play Cycle Drawn From The Children Of Pride;
   Meyers, Robert Manson // Myers, Robert M. // Introduction by
   Gillespie, Patti P. - Trade Cloth

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   1. http://www.yale.edu/yup/books/040539.htm
   2. http://www.opengroup.com/pabooks/025/025201751X.shtml
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