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Letter to Quarterman cousin

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I have a copu of an old letter dated 14th July, 1872 which is written by my great great grandfather, George Quarterman, who was a watch and clock maker in London, England.
He wrote to his cousin Philip in America (but unfortunately it does not say where).  His cousin had an uncle Silas Beisley and could have come from Warborough, Oxfordshire, England where he had property.
Does anyone know of a Philip Quarterman who moved to America from England possibly with his mother and father and siblings?  An uncle William is spoken of but I do not know if that is Philip's father or what.
Does anyone have a Philip Quarterman in their family tree that moved to America about the time this letter was written or before (which is most likely)?
I know this is a tough question but I'm sure someone knows the answer.
Thank you. 

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