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Quarterman Dates

   [1]Quarterman Dates:  May 13.
   In 1846: U.S. Mexican War, U.S. declares war on Mexico.
   In 1791: Washington and Savannah Cincinnati,
   [2]Pres. Washington wrote in his diary: "Friday, 13th. Dined with the
   Members of the Cincinnati [the Society of the Cincinnati, a military
   society consisting of officers who had fought in the Continental Army
   during the Revolution] at a public dinner given at the same place, and
   in the evening with to a dancing Assembly at which there was about 100
   well dressed and handsome ladies.".
   [3]Tomorrow:  May 16.
   In 1777: McIntosh duels Gwinnett,
   [4]For months, animosity between Gen. Lachlan McIntosh and former
   Council of Safety president Button Gwinnett had been growing --
   especially when Gwinnett in March had ordered the arrest of McIntosh's
   brother for treason (at the request of the Continental Congress). Both
   the general and Gwinnett had been involved in a failed invasion of
   British Florida, and each blamed the other. When the Georgia
   legislature cleared Gwinnett of responsibility, McIntosh responded by
   calling Gwinnett "a Scoundrell & lying Rascal." The result was a duel
   on May 16 outside of Savannah. At close range, both fired their
   pistols at the same time, each striking the other. McIntosh's bullet
   shattered Gwinnett's thigh, producing a wound that would prove fatal
   days later.
   In 1771: Brit. def. Americans, Alemance, N.C.


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