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Quarterman Dates

   [1]Quarterman Dates:  May 11.
   In 1935: REA, [2]President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 7037
   creating the Rural [3]Electrification Administration, an action
   prompted by Roosevelt's [4]frequent visits to the Little White House
   at Warm Springs, Georgia. On [5]his drives through the countryside,
   Roosevelt saw life in rural Georgia [6]without electricity. Of course,
   he had electricity at his residence -- [7]but his electric power rate
   was almost four times what he paid back at [8]Hyde Park, New York. As
   a result, Roosevelt later noted, "So it can be [9]said that a little
   cottage at Warm Springs, Georgia, was the birthplace [10]of the Rural
   Electrification Administration."
   In 1858: MN, .
   [11]Tomorrow:  May 12.
   In 1791: Pres. Washington in Savannah, [12]On this morning President
   Washigton visited Purrysburg on the Savannah [13]River -- his last
   visit in South Carolina. There, Georgia officials met [14]Washington
   to escort him onto a barge-like vessel for the twenty-five [15]mile
   trip to Savannah. As the river took them past Mulberry Grove
   [16]plantation, Washington had made plans to stop so he could visit
   [17]Catharine (Caty) Greene, widow of Revolutionary Gen. Nathanael
   Greene. [18]Washington spent several hours with his long-time friend
   and promised [19]to stop by again in four days on his way to Augusta.
   Arriving in [20]Savannah after sundown, Washington found the city
   brightly illuminated [21]in celebration of his visit. Thus began four
   days of ceremonies, [22]receptions, dinners, dances, and other
   formalities for Savannah's most [23]important visitor in its 58-year
   history. .


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