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Quarterman Dates

   [1]Quarterman Dates:  April 29.
   In 1926: FDR buys Warm Springs, [2]On his fourth visit to Georgia and
   his third to Warm Springs, Franklin [3]D. Roosevelt closed the deal in
   which he bought most of the property on [4]and surrounding the Warm
   Springs resort area. .
   [5]Tomorrow:  April 30.
   In 1825: Wm. McIntosh d., [6]Creek chieftain William McIntosh died at
   his plantation home, Lockchau [7]Talofau, in what is now Carroll
   County, Georgia. [Some sources -- such [8]as the Dictionary of Georgia
   Biography -- incorrectly cite May 1 as the [9]date of his death.]
   McIntosh was the son of a Creek Indian mother and a [10]Tory officer
   father. Through his father he was related to several [11]notable
   Georgia officials, including his cousin George Troup, governor
   [12]from 1823-1827. But the Creeks traced lineage through the mother;
   thus [13]McIntosh became a chief among the Lower Creeks, who lived
   near and [14]interacted more with whites than did the Upper Creeks,
   who lived along [15]the Alabama, Tallapoosa, and and Coosa Rivers.
   In 1812: LA, .


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