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Re: Quarterman Dates

Hello, John, Thanks for all the dated material. I finally realized how and 
where you were getting them from! (I'm a little slow?) You continue to put 
just two down at a time . What's that about ?  So, far I haven't seen the 
two I was referring to April 9th's e-mail of the two great people in April 
still living!  Any idea's??   aq

At 11:20 PM 4/15/2000 -0500, you wrote:

>    [1]Quarterman Dates:  April 16.
>    In 1865: Andrew Johnson, Source: ToW.
>    [2]Tomorrow:  April 17.
>    In 1961: Bay of Pigs, Cuba Source: ToW.
>    1. http://www.quarterman.org/q/timeline.html
>    2. http://www.quarterman.org/q/timeline.html