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young attorney Quarterman, 1892

The appended newspaper article was found by John N. Feazell
<jfeazell@datasys.net>.  Does anyone know who this attorney
Quarterman and his brother were?

John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>

Mr. Quarterman-The Valdosta Times, Saturday April 2, 1892
        "Horrible Murder of a Young Man In Coffee County.  He is taken
from His Bed, Carried Into The Woods And Killed. His Body Hid. The
Citizens Aroused."  The citizens of Coffee County, arenow greatly
excited and aroused over most brutal and horrible murder that occurred
in the county recently.
      Capt. S.R. Weston obtained the facts andaccosting a reporter of
the "News And Advertiser" yesterday afternoon told him of it.
       He said I can't give you the full particulars, but such
information as I obtained about the matter I can impart to you.
       "Coffee County , is a dry county and when any one is discovered
vuilating this law he is prosecuted vigorously. It appears that two men
named Lott and Smith respectively, were arraigned in the County Court of
Coffee on the charge of running a "Blind Tiger".
        "The prosecution was being made by a young attorney named
Quarterman who was quite severe in his arrainment of the parties, but
whether they were connected i did not learn.
         :" On Tuesday night however, Quarterman's brother was taken
from his bed, was carried into the woods and was foully murdered after
which the body was concealed.
          "It is thought that the murderers intention was to kill the
young lawyer but made a mistake and got his brother.
          " The discovery of the murder has aroused the good people of
the county and the feeling is intense. They have
 determined to ferret out the case and discover theprepertrators of this
foul crime at any cost. Suspicion rests on the men Lott and Smith or
their friends."