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Winston Churchill


>I can see the Quarterman humor is alive and well, in Texas....

Got to have something to do while it's cold out here.

>Wow... Churchill... more interesting than the other.... :)

OK, here you go.

>Hey, I just read where Hemingway was a Congregationalist.... Any connections 

Not that I know of.  Interesting question, though.

>If you give me your private e-mail.... I tell you what cousin Wiley actually 

That question I don't understand.  Each message posted to the list has
the address of the poster in the From: line of the message.

Here's the Churchill connection.  Remember, his mother was an American.
She was descended from the Sumners, a branch of which emigrated to S.C.
and then to Georgia with our group.  Through that connection WC is my
ninth cousin, and similarly for many of you on this list.

Thanks to Don Raney for discovering this connection.


Prime Minister Winston Churchill (1874 -- 1965)
mother: Jennie Jerome (1854 -- )
father: Leonard Walter Jerome (1817 -- 1891)
father: Captain Isaac Jerome (1780 -- 1866)
mother: Elizabeth Ball (1765 -- 1828)
mother: Thankful Stow ( -- )
father: Eliakim Stow (1708 -- 1789)
mother: Sarah Sumner (1685 -- )
father: Lieutenant William Sumner (1656 -- 1703)
father: William Sumner (2) (1627 -- 1674)
brother: Deacon Increase Sumner (1642 -- 1725)
daughter: Thankful Sumner (1671 -- 1723)
son: Edward Way (1710 -- 1762), Planter
son: John Way Sr. (1755 -- 1785)
son: John Way Jr. (1776 -- 1837)
daughter: Adaline Way (1817 -- 1882)
son: Thomas Shepard Quarterman (1848 -- 1926)
son: David Sinclair Quarterman (1875 -- 1960)
son: David Sinclair Quarterman Jr.
son: John Sinclair Quarterman