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Unidentified Quartermans

Went to the library and looked up some folks in the Georgia Death Index.
This is done by year and then alphabetical within the year.

Found the following Quartermans that I cannot identify. Do any of them
ring a bell with anyone? The information order and details differ between
years. Why the age column reads the way it does is a mystery. Maybe they
prefixed a 4 to the age? Need to ask when I'm at the library again.

Quarterman Frank B. 6-04-60 w m age 50 county of death 065
   county residence 063 certificate: 15681

Quarterman John H. 3-13-61 w m age 477 county of death 129
   county of residence 129 cert: 08357

Quarterman, T. K. 06-06-63 w f age 483 county of death 025
   county of residence 025 cert: 15187

Quarterman, Nellie C. 11 15 1964 w f county of death Chantham
  cert: 028823 age 479 cnty res 025

Quarterman, John H. 07-24-67 w m age 454 county of death 020
  county of residence 020 cert: 18320

I failed to get the county code key, so am not sure what county
corresponds to the county code. Plant to go to the library tomorrow
and will get code list then.

There are a number of other Quartermans listed as colored.