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Re: Unknown Quarterman

>From owner-quarterman@mids.org  Tue Jan 18 22:03:36 2000
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>To: quarterman@mids.org
>Subject: Re: Unknown Quarterman
>>> Capt. John M. Quarterman, USN Ret. is the GGGrandson of Joseph
>Quarterman of the Camden County Quartermans.  He is the father of Lee
>Quarterman Allen (Casey52111@aol.com) and currently resides at St.Simons
>Island, Ga. joeq

Who is his father, I don't seem to have any entry for him? Thanks for the
identification! Always interesting to see how folks are related.
One of these days I'll begin to make sense of the Camden Co. Q's.
Progress is being made, just missing links.


>            At 07:11 PM 01/17/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>>Ran across a Capt. John M. Quarterman, Jr. Capt. USS Guam LPH-9
>>1 Jul 1983 - 27 Apr 1985.
>>Anyone know anything about him?
>>			David Quarterman