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Re: Ga. Costal Quartermans

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>Subject: Ga. Costal Quartermans
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>This has descendants of Joseph Quarterman.
>                    David Quarterman
>Mr. Quarterman, 
>My sister forwarded the above to my attention as we are both related to a 
>wife of a Quarterman in the early days of Indiana.  
>I tried to check out your site, but Yahoo tells me it is not a valid address. 
> Have you moved your page?  If so, can you send me that url.  Thanks.
It is not my site. Just a site I happened on looking for some Quarterman info.
I agree that it seems to not be there now. However I go to the index for
geocities and there are items in the site index that it can't find either.

>Our connection to the Quartermans??
>Valentine Quarterman of Cumberland Co., PA married Sarah Early of the same 
>place.  She was a sister of my great grandmother, Barbara Ann Early. Both 
>were daughters of Samuel Early of Shippensburg Twp., Cumberland Co., PA.  
>Several families came to Indiana about 1838.  
>Valentine and Sarah lived in Orange Co. They are buried in the IOOF Cemetery 
>in Orleans, as are Elizabeth Early Keith and Barbara Ann Early Gilchrist, and 
>their families.  A brother, Samuel H. Early is buried a few miles away in the 
>cemetery at Ames Chapel.  I do not know where the father Samuel is buried, as 
>he has no marker in either of these cemetery locations.  Perhaps, we will 
>find him later.
>There are several of us working on the Quartermans and are always interested 
>in learning about others.
>Thanks for taking the time to read this.  Hope to hear from you.  
>Marie Hurst Lewis
>Walnut Creek, CA  
Did you see the other message from the lady searching for Quartermans from
Pa.? If not I can forward it to you.

Here is an url that works now. Notes that this is from Paul Poetter.


Email is listed as BMiller247@aol.com

He has a Valentine Quarterman, noted as being from Ireland has Daughter
born in Pa. Maybe the same person as your Valentine? I have no further info
on this family.

I found this from going to geocities and searching for quarterman


     BIRTH: 1806, South Hampton Twp, PA 
     DEATH: 1882 

Father: Valentine QUARTERMAN 

Family 1: John HIPPENSTEEL 

  2. William HIPPENSTEEL 
  3. Barbara HIPPENSTEEL 
  4. Elizabeth HIPPENSTEEL 
  5. Mary A. (? Nancy) HIPPENSTEEL 
  6. Isabella HIPPENSTEEL 
  9. Caroline HIPPENSTEEL 
 10. Henry D. HIPPENSTEEL 
 11. Annie ? Died HIPPENSTEEL 

Good hunting!

				David Quarterman