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Re: Oliver Wendell Holmes


Thank you that was very interesting. I keep seeing common threads between the 
Quarterman's and my non-Quarterman relations. 

The Midway Church was a Congregational Church. My grandmother's (Mary Ada 
Gerrish Quarterman) family (the Gerrish's) were Congregationalist hundred's 
years before she married Joseph F. Quarterman.

I was christen the lst Congregational Church of Jacksonville, Florida. Later, 
as a child I attended the new Congregational Church in south Jacksonville, 
Florida which was partial funded by the Cummer family of Jacksonville, which 
are related to the Gerrishs through Mary Ada Gerrish Cummer my grandmother's 
name sake.

To this day, I consider myself a Congregational which as you know is not a 

The first Gerrish - Capt. William Gerrish. born 8. 20th 1617 (born in 
Bristol, England), settled in Newburry, Mass and died in Salem, Mass.  From 
what I understand, they were instrumental the first Congregational Church in 

All this is so interesting.....

Thanks again for your hard work....

Beverly Jones Saunders (daughter Dorothy Quarterman Jones)