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Re: George Gerrish Quarterman you wanted:


Wow !!!! You are quick...and soooo good....

Yes, my Uncle George Quarterman always had a great sense of humor. My bother 
and sister and I take after the Quartermans...Good trait....
Yes, you are right, he was the son of Robert Quarterman. I get soooo confused 
as all the names repeat so much. Wiley and I are the same next generation, so 
have the same relationship to Jessie Lou Owens. (great grandmother)
The Neptune Society is based out of Santa Barbara. I really don't know much 
about them other than my Uncle prepaid for his cremation and for the last ten 
years every time he went into the hospital he would stick the card from them 
in my face. It was always a joke with us that he would never need it as only 
the good died young and he was too mean and ornery.
I would like to hear more about the Oliver Wendell Holmes connection...
Thanks so much for all your hard work

Beverly Jones Saunders (daughter of Dorothy Quarterman Jones)