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Quarterman web pages and discussion lists

At a suggestion from a subscriber to this list, I posted the appended
on GenForum just now, encouraging people over there to come over here.
It seems to me that we almost have enough people for critical mass
to keep a conversation going.  Let's give it a try.


Yes, McCollough, Stephens, and others are also Liberty County names.

The three largest Quarterman families in North America are:

* The Quartermans of Midway Church in Liberty County, Georgia; the ones
who came from South Carolina in 1752; many of the other ancestors of
this group came from Mass. to S.C. in 1695, and from England to New
England in 1630. Most of this group derived from Oxfordshire or nearby
and it is supposed that these Quartermans did too. They are scattered
now, but many (well, many for Quartermans :-) live in Savannah, Toccoa,
Lowndes County, etc. This Midway group is the one that sent a delegation
to the First Continental Congress even though Georgia wasn't ready to
send one. Midway Church was burnt for their pains, but they rebuilt it
in 1792 and the county was named Liberty County because of their efforts.

* The Quartermans of Camden County, Georgia, whose ancestors came direct
from Oxfordshire in the middle of the nineteenth century.  Many of them
lived in Waycross or Ware County and some lived in Glynn County.

* The African-American Quartermans of Liberty County. They are currently
spread up and down the coast from Liberty County through Savannah to D.C.,
N.J., and New York City.

So far as any of their genealogists have ever been able to discover,
none of the above three groups have ever intermarried.

There are numerous other Quarterman families, including some that are
still in Oxfordshire and others around the globe as far as Australia.
Alec Quarterman runs a One Name study on all Quarterman and related

Information on all these topics or links to them may be found in


which I have recently reorganized and updated.

Also on those web pages you will find subscription information about the
Quarterman family discussion list,


whose subscribers include members of many of these families. Most of them do
not read the GenForum list, so it would be best to join the Quarterman
family discussion list and post there.

The web pages also give information on subscribing to the list


which is about the book,

 Quarterman Family of Liberty County, Georgia, and Relatives

whose 997 pages list 1,400 families and 3,500 individuals. If you are
interested in the Midway group, it would be good to join that list and post
to it.

It's good to see you all here, and you are invited to the Quarterman
family and book discussion lists.

John S. Quarterman