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Re: Quarterman relatives

Hi Beverly
I live in Fort Atkinson, WI. originally born in Platteville, WI in 1949. 
My grandfather Floyd Quarterman was born and raised in Wyalusing, WI (near
Prairie du Chien), married Myrtle L Koecke of same area and lived in near
by Bagley, WI for many years.  He died in April 1971 leaving 2 children
(Leo & Margery Anderson) and 8 living grandchildren.  My father is 75 years
old and still lives in Janesville, WI near the Illinois border.  I have one
brother Donald Lee born in 1947 in Prairie du Chien presently living in
Janesville also.  I'd like to keep in touch, maybe we can find a link
somewhere along the line.  Linda Yeadon: crackers@ticon.net

> From: Beverly Saunders <beverly@higginbotham.net>
> To: quarterman@mids.org
> Cc: crackers@ticon.net
> Subject: RE: Quarterman relatives
> Date: Tuesday, July 06, 1999 9:11 AM
> Hi Linda,
> I am at work, so I don't have all the info. to give you. I will write
> you again from home and give you some web. sites.  There is a Quarterman
> web site. It was put together by one of my distant cousins. These
> Quartermans are out of Georgia.  My mother was a Quarterman - Dorothy E.
> Quarterman born 7/23/1914 - deceased. Her bother George Quarterman age
> 88 is still alive and kicking.  I also located his lst cousin on the Web
> and he is 91. They recently talked after not see each other for over 70
> years. Very exciting. I am currently looking for leads on my Grandfather
> - Joseph Quarterman. He was last know to 
> be in NJ and possibly died in the 1940's.
> 	Where do you live now. I live in Fort Worth, TX. I was born and
> raise in Jacksonville, Florida.  My home e-mail is fun4travl2@aol.com
> 	Talk to you later,
> 	Beverly Saunders
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> > Hi - My name is Linda Yeadon, I was born a Quarterman in 1949 and up
> > till I dialed into this web site thought that there were very few
> > Quarterman's anywhere.  To our knowledge my brother Donald L and his
> > son Troy were the only ones in this part of the country.  I was
> > talking
> > to my father Leo Leslie Quarterman Saturday and all he could tell me
> > about his/my family was that they were decended from a William
> > Quarterman a photographer from the Iowa area, originally from
> > somewhere
> > in England, no one knows where, and he settled in the Prairie du
> > Chien/Wyalusing, Wisconsin area in probably the mid to late 1800's
> > leaving several sons of whom Floyd Leslie was my grandfather. My
> > father
> > and I would appreciate any information anyone could give us on how we
> > might be related to any other Quarterman's out there.  Thank you.
> > 
> >  
> >