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Re: Quarterman relatives


>I am at work, so I don't have all the info. to give you. I will write
>you again from home and give you some web. sites.  There is a Quarterman
>web site.


> It was put together by one of my distant cousins. These
>Quartermans are out of Georgia.  My mother was a Quarterman - Dorothy E.
>Quarterman born 7/23/1914 - deceased. Her bother George Quarterman age
>88 is still alive and kicking.

As you know, you're a Liberty County Quarterman:
 son: John QUARTERMAN Sr.
 son: Thomas QUARTERMAN Sr.
 son: Robert QUARTERMAN
 son: Joseph Melanchton QUARTERMAN
 son: Samuel Cassels QUARTERMAN
 son: Joseph ``Joe'' QUARTERMAN
 daughter: Dorothy QUARTERMAN

>  I also located his lst cousin on the Web
>and he is 91. They recently talked after not see each other for over 70
>years. Very exciting. I am currently looking for leads on my Grandfather
>- Joseph Quarterman. He was last know to 
>be in NJ and possibly died in the 1940's.

All we've got is that he died after 1941.

>	Where do you live now. I live in Fort Worth, TX. I was born and
>raise in Jacksonville, Florida.  My home e-mail is fun4travl2@aol.com
>	Talk to you later,
>	Beverly Saunders

John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>