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Edward John Quarterman of Northleach, Glos.

"Hello. Came across your discussion group and thought I'd let you know of my existence in Northleach, Gloucestershire. My father, George William Quarterman, was born in Salford, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire in 1906, and ended up in Northleach, where I was born in 1952, last of 7 children.
Is there anyone out there who may be related to me? "
I contacted the Quartermans of Liberty County and elsewhere on Sunday asking for my details to be circulated, but unfortunately there was a mix up as my name (Edward John Quarterman) was omitted and I got a message back from someone thinking my girlfriend, Liz Farrant, was a Quarterman, as I use her email address! She isn't a Quarterman yet! Please send another message clarifying things! Thanks very much. EJQ.