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Re: The Quartermans of Camden County Georgia

At 10:43 PM 5/15/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Cousin!  My Great Grandfather was the same Joseph Quarterman from
>Garsington England as your Great Grandfather.  My Grandfather was Samuel
>Brockington Quarterman, son of Joseph.  I have quite a bit of info on this
>Quarterman line.  Contact me on my e-mail address:  granny@camden.tds.net
>and I will send you what I have.
>Helen Quarterman Lang
>Kingsland, Camden Co., GA
>> From: joeq@sccoast.net
>> To: quarterman@jump.net
>> Subject: The Quartermans of Camden County Georgia
>> Date: Thursday, May 06, 1999 5:03 AM
>>   Interested in all descendants and information concerning Joseph
>Quarterman who was born In 
>> Garsington, Oxfordshire , England in l812 and immigrated to Camden County
>Georgia in the mid to late 1820s.     He was my Great Grandfather.  My
>Grandfather was Henry Quarterman and my Father was Vossey Alexander