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Re: Missionary Q's Today


>I just produced a professional video about it, and I'd be glad to send it
>free to anyone wanting a copy.

I'd like to see it.

>I'm coming to the States all summer, travelling all over the Southeast. I'd
>be glad to meet anyone to explain more. 

We're around.

>By the way, on our trip to England last June, we visited Thame, Oxon, and
>were delighted to find that a church where the Quartermans played such a
>leading role continues to be today a very active, vital church. In order to
>see the Quarterman tombs there, we had to clear out a section of their
>Christian bookstore! The history of the church says that the tomb of Thomas
>Quarterman used to be called the "Poor Corner" because the offerings for the
>poor were laid there -- and it continues to be a spot of vibrant actvity.
>Praise God! I truly loved the town of Thame. 
>We also visited St. Mary's church in Chalgrove, and made some brass rubbings
>in the chancel. The pastor told me they were Quartermans, but I have some
>doubts. I'm still trying to decipher the Old Latin inscriptions! Do you know
>anything about them? I also noted the Quarterman plaques there. The info on
>you web page was really helpful, since I had a taxi waiting impatiently, and
>I only have one hour to see and film it all. It was FUN!  I'll tell you
>later about my eventful trip to Rycote Chapel.

Glad you found it useful.

I don't know about the brass in Chalgrove; we didn't see those.
Do you have transcriptions of the Latin inscriptions?
I can find somebody who can translate them.

>By the way, if anyone wants to get involved in the work over here, they can
>write for more info to Mission to the World (a 501(c)(3) organization, by
>the way), at P O Box 29765, Atlanta, GA 30359
>Thanks for your request for info. Sorry the answer was so complicated!

Quartermans are naturally complicated. :-)

>For the Kingdom of Christ,
>Clay Quarterman
>Odessa, Ukraine

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