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Re: The Quartermans of Camden County Georgia

Joe Pete, how silly you are!!!  I, too, thought I had found a new long lost Q 
relation...it turned out to be you...my dear Joe Pete!!! 

Our Disney World trip, to surprise "Johnny Q" for his 60th has not occurred 
as of yet...it will be this summer.  As a side note, I ordered TWO Quarterman 
Books...it is not our line of the family, but I am determined to be the 
individual whom finds the "link" between the Q's of Midway and our Q's of 
Camden County, Georgia.  

To my sheer delight, John S. Quarterman (one of the authors) signed one of my 
books to my Dad, John Maye Quarterman, Jr.  ...what a treat it will be to 
present to my dear Father on the occasion of his 60th. 

Good Luck on your Q search...with the inception of the computer, we are bound 
to find more Q's!!!  Much affection to you and all members of the Quarterman 
List, Lee Q.