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Re: Quarterman ancestor

>I remember considerable confusion. There are six Robert Quartermans to deal
>with. Here are some charts showing descent of some of them from the first
>known Robert Quarterman in South Carolina. This Robert who died in 1710 is
>supposed to be the emigrant ancestor. We have documentation placing a Robert
>Quarterman in South Carolina in 1685 and think he is the one dying in 1710.

Yes.  And someday we may get that Robert connected back to Oxfordshire.

>This does show one born in 1768, which I think was the original question.

Almost.  Jim said:
>27 Jul 1760 (although he would only be 16 yrs), and Elizabeth Baker.

The Ann Quarterman he was asking about was born in 1775,
so a Robert born 1768 would be a bit young to be her father.

>I'm not sure this answers your question. 

It illustrates the kind of confusion we ran into.  I think you've got
it pretty much sorted out in the database (and in the book), however.

>				David Quarterman


>                   Robert QUARTERMAN [-1710] (Q!Quartermanline)
>x             John QUARTERMAN Sr. [-1765] (Q!JohnSr)
>x                   ------------
>x       Robert QUARTERMAN [1742-1786] (Q!Robertd1786)
>x                   Richard BAKER Sr. [-1737] (Q!RBakerSr)
>x             Elizabeth BAKER [-1755] (Q!EBaker)
>x                   ------------
>x Robert QUARTERMAN [1768-] (Q!RQb1768)
>x                   William WAY [1671-1730] (Q!willway)
>x             Edward WAY [1710-1762] (Q!EW)
>x                   Thankful SUMNER [1671-1723] (Q!Thankful)
>x       Mary WAY [1747-1770] (Q!MWay)
>x                   William ELLIOTT [-1731] (Q!WE)
>x             Ann ELLIOTT [1721-1792] (Q!AE)
>x                   Elizabeth BAKER [-1753] (Q!ElizBaker)
>                  Robert QUARTERMAN [-1710] (Q!Quartermanline)
>x             John QUARTERMAN Sr. [-1765] (Q!JohnSr)
>x                   -----------
>x       Thomas QUARTERMAN Sr. [1738-1791] (Q!ThomasSr)
>x                   Richard BAKER Sr. [-1737] (Q!RBakerSr)
>x             Elizabeth BAKER [-1755] (Q!EBaker)
>x                   ------------
>x Robert QUARTERMAN [1787-1849] (Q!revrob)
>x                   Thomas BAKER [-1737] (4625)
>x             William BAKER [-1767] (Q!WB)
>x                   Rebecca [-] (4626)
>x       Rebecca BAKER [1745-1792] (Q!RBaker)
>x                   Thomas OSGOOD [1680-1737] (Q!TOsgood)
>x             Sarah OSGOOD [-1763] (Q!SOsgood)
>x                   ------------